D & R Enterprise IP Management System

IP based design is an approach that SoC design teams, fabless IC vendors and Electronic System designers must use due to the high levels of integration in today’s chip designs. IP used in today’s designs may have been developed internally or obtained from multiple external sources worldwide. Design teams are typically distributed worldwide, making the job of administering access to external and internal IP a major challenge for SoC and electronic product managers.

Design & Reuse ("D&R") has recognized these challenges and has responded with a solution that keeps pace with the multiple facets and ever–changing requirements of IP management. The D&R Enterprise IP Management solution (IPMS™)addresses the management of internal and external IP, from IP design to IP delivery and integration.

D&R Enterprise IP Management system (IPMS™) is a Java-based modular platform supporting an extensible and configurable set of management features that covers all facets of IP management, including publishing, client delivery , reuse for Internally developed IP, and multiple aspects of managing Externally Sourced IP such as usage tracking, revision control, license key management, contracts and finance.

Runs on any O.S ( Windows,Unix Linux..) and machine/server.

  • "Tracing hierarchical system and supporting multiple configurations at each level configurations is of high interest not only for IP based systems but for full equipment involving hardware, software and more. This platform is unique and very easy to use"
    - Beny T., IP Platform Manager, Rafael Advanced Defense Systems, LTD an Israeli defense company
  • "We have been using the D&R platform for several years as a product catalog and associated "IP shelf delivery" panels, which trace the IP releases delivered to customers. With this new release, we extend our reach by managing package deliveries. It enables to easily prepare a package of products, while independently storing the evolution of products inside the package. It is straightforward and it speeds-up our delivery process"
    - Aurélie Descombes, web-marketer at Dolphin Integration
  • "We launched the web site in 2016 using IMPS to deliver Trailblaze software and memory compilers and have been using it to make deliveries worldwide. IPMS offers a straightforward integrated solution from IP Release to Delivery"
    - Cameron F., CEO of Mobile Semiconductor.
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