Software License Management Enterprise Platform

Managing global and local resources in a large company can be a headache when based on individually managed spreadsheets. Having fully integrated data in a web based tool is the only way that makes sense today.

D&R Enterprise platform is a new generation management platform based on powerful innovation and has proven amazing efficiency for managing in a large corporation not only IPs but today software licensing across multiple sites.

By connecting and keeping in Sync such items as user groups, their SW configurations and costs, SW feature names, and their license servers opens the door to being able to make costs saving decisions.

It includes a monitoring layer reporting on License Feature usage per customizable period (average, peak, denied access, etc.). But it is more than just monitoring... Incorporating these data in a global administration portal gives the required global view for optimizing License Management and allowing for cost saving decisions.

Software License Management

In large companies it is a challenge to centrally manage dozens of tools at dozens of user sites and cost centers. D&R platform adds to an efficient corporate Ecosystem description: machines, users groups, SW products, business unit cost, etc. the relevant interconnected web views.

The platform offers as an option an innovative interactive license granting strategy based on BU/Cost units requests optimized through managers final decisions. It is organized around:

  • License panels listing the license status for all tool/features, for all machines and all sites with a simple and direct access to available FlexLM reporting tools (license monitor layer)
  • License assignment optimization (remix) supported for all license types based on several criteria (cost reduction change in needs, etc.). Innovative NNU groups control commands enhance the power of the Remix procedure
  • Automated online renewal procedures (online license request, automated roll up of requests, quote generation per site or BU
  • Centralized finance reporting and more...

  • "We have used & helped develop this platform for years. It is hard to imagine going back to emails & spread sheets to collect our various business group needs and divvy up the costs. The tool has digitized all our data, has integrated usage monitoring & is about to release further automation to help advise us to optimize license counts. It is truly a one stop shop for efficient license management."
    - Anthony Noto, Software License manager at Nokia, the early architect and mentor of the platform...
  • "We follow this platform development for years. Integrating tightly user profiling makes a big difference and cost reduction brought by intelligent business decisions is significant."
    - Beny T. from Rafael Inc. an early architect of the platform.
  • "Learning User behavior when using web hosted Products is quite amazing... AI rules or advisers can be derived from this knowledge harvesting and lead to intelligent decisions which drastically optimize Purchase, Sales and Business strategy. This platform can certainly open many other applications"
    - Gabrièle Saucier, CEO D&R

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