IP Publishing Engine

This engine provides an unique environnement to create and maintain a server based IP/Product list using flexible evolving format. It can handle meta data and all types of links or bridges to existing data.
Can be used as an intranet product catalog for corporate management, as an internal list to update a corporate website for external clients, as a preparation site for updating any world wide website. It does not manipulate actual IP files.

Key Features :

  • Intranet Web based IP Publishing Engine. Can be hosted in D&R cloud
  • Customizable Search
  • Administration (access management, tracking, mail engine)
  • Catalog architect (flexible evolving XML format, automated catalog creation and modification)
  • Uploader function (online simple and massive upload)
  • Alert about new version
  • Import/Export full or filtered data commands

IP Shelf Delivery Trace System

This product adds to an intranet IP/Product web publishing station a documented view on all frozen release of each IP/Product called Shelf delivery and traces or reports on any delivery of a single or multiple product shelf deliveries to clients. It helps the sales managers to know all the details about what is availble and can be delivered promptly. It also helps the quality manager to trace bugs detecting affected clients. It does not manipulate actual file transfer or delivery.

Key Features :

  • Web (intranet) IP/Product catalog (IP/Product Publishing engine)
  • IP Shelf Delivery/Shelf Delivery Packages List (Bridged to the Product Catalog)
  • Client Delivery List bridged with the IP&IP Shelf Delivery List
  • Bug List with flexible format pointing to shelf Delivery
  • Automated Detection of affected customers

IP Procurement Manager

This product gives a comprehensive report on the legal and financial status when managing Third Party IP. It records fee due with alert, fee payment history, upcoming fees. It provides a specific Royalty function DB which triggers automated royalty calculation due after each shipment declaration. It generates printable Tear sheet in real time extracting the fiancial status (expenses) per products
Keeps your relations in peace with all IP vendors...

Key Features :

  • 3PIP agreements and IP list with flexible format (including legal and finance data)
  • IP tracing in product
  • Shipment data entry
  • Records of Fee to be paid with alert
  • Payment history
  • Royalty functions DB and royalty engine calculation

Full IP Provider Station

This product provides a comprehensive environment for IP providers to publish their IPs, extracts a frozen release ready for customer delivery, possibly through an automated bridge to their design environment and to deliver safely to the client using a FTP or a HTTP protocol.

Key Features :

  • Web intranet Catalog listing IP (D&R Publishing Engine)
  • Listing of versions frozen for delivery
  • IP directory upload attached to an IP version
  • Automated import from design DB (Synchronized with Revision Control Tag)
  • Automated Client configuration generation (Dedicated directory Zipping)
  • Controlled on line Delivery (control workflow)
  • File transfer (HTTP or FTP protocol ) with automated resume
  • Client Download Tracking
  • Bug Tracking
  • Finance management including Due fee and function based royalty calculation
  • Alert upon due date

Internal and 3PIP Management Platform

Key Features :

  • Listing Internal and external IP based on D&R publishing Engine
  • IP version directory upload attached to an IP version
  • Automated import from design DB (Synchronized with Revision Control Tag)
  • On line download with control workflow
  • Access to external Product (control workflow)
  • Where Used/Who used
  • IP tracing in product
  • Fee and royalty calculation for 3PIP based on IP tracing and Shipment data

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